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How To Parse JSON In Java?

In this article we will see, how to parse JSON in java. We will be using the JSON Libraries like JSON-java, GSON and json-simple

How To Read File Using BufferedReader In Java?

In this article we will see how to read a file using the BufferedReader class in Java.

Hello World In Groovy

In this article, you will say ‘Hello’ to Groovy. We will see the installation and ‘the’ most important “Hello World!” program. 🙂

How To Convert StringBuilder To String In Java?

In this article you will see, how to convert a StringBuilder to String in Java.

Your Guide To UUID In Java

In this article we will see, What is UUID? Java UUID class

How to convert String to Integer in Java

In this article you are going to learn how can one convert the string into an integer using the inbuilt methods of the Integer class.