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Difference Between C++ and Java

In today’s programming world, both C++ and Java are popular.

Both are the Object object-oriented programming languages. Still, C++ and Java have a different set of features for different use cases.

Let’s try to understand the basic difference between C++ and Java.

Difference between C++ and Java (C++ vs Java)

Property C++ Java
Platform Independence C++ is a platform-dependent programming language. C++ is a platform-independent programming language.
Garbage Collection Programmer has to take care of the Garbage Collection. I.e. Removing unrefereed objects from the memory. Java has a provision to remove unreferred objects from the memory. i.e. Garbage Collection
Multiple Inheritance C++ supports multiple inheritance. Java does not support multiple inheritance.
Internal access to Memory C++ has the concept of ‘Pointers’ to access the internal memory. Java does not have Pointers.
Object Oriented C++ is less object-oriented as we can write structural programs without using objects. Java is more purer Object Oriented Language as compared to C++ (except for primitive variables).
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